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I help ATHLETES conquer their competition


I design training programs for athletes. Want help carving out the best ATHLETE within yourself?

This is about YOU. My goal is to teach you how to smash your goals, support you throughout your journey, and hold you accountable to what you are capable of at your best. Buckle up.

Ignite your flame

Client Experiences

If you train with me, your testimonial could be featured in the very near future!

(Click on a photo to read testimonial)

Heidi Parachute Picture_edited.jpg

Heidi E.

(Wildland Firefighter/ Smokejumper)

Chad Latka Jerking.jpeg

Chad L.
(Competitive Weightlifter)

Cortney Pistol Squat.PNG

Cortney M.

(Crossfit Athlete)

Jeff Squire.jpg

Jeff S.

(Lead Pastor,

Believers Church -

Sierra Brown Plane Photo.JPG

Sierra B.



Jason Ravel.jpg

Jason R.

(Body Mechanics Therapist, Owner of Ravel Therapy -

Anant Medal Picture.jpeg

Anant M.

(Medical Physicist , Amateur Adventure Racer)


More Coming Soon!


Jill S.

My glutes are still sore from 3 years ago 😂

Jenna O.

Fritz is the best!! He makes you feel welcome and special and knows his stuff. ❤️

K.C. H

I've never had a coach who knew so much, and cared so deeply for his clients. I'm so grateful for all Fritz inspired and challenged me to be a better person!

Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor

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