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Fritz Nugent

Fritz’s Philosophy

“I coach with a minimalist approach and truly believe that less IS more. If 15 reps will do the trick, why perform 20? I often befriend my athletes (I refer to all clients as athletes) and we develop a strong bond of trust. After working with someone for a while, they learn that when I ask them to do something, even if they don’t think that they are capable, they try anyways and often surprise themselves. In my time working as a coach, I have had the pleasure to work with close to a thousand amazing people from all walks of life, and of those people, many of them have performed some truly amazing feats.”

“If your goals are clear, my approach to helping you to reach and surpass those goals is to work backwards logically with precision and care. For large goals, there is often no room for bullshit or fillers. Your programming and experience will and should only be the real nuts and bolts. There is not enough time in this world for fluff.

“Lastly, most things are simple. Simple is not a synonym for easy. If you choose to work with me, be ready to WORK. Anything less is a waste of your time and mine. I believe that we are put on this planet to do good for each other and help each other through whatever this world is. The better person that I can help you be, the better the world becomes. And round and round we go. Buckle up, for it’s about to get interesting.”


· BA, 2006, Studio Art, University of Redlands

· MA, 2008, Higher Education, University of Redlands

· MS, 2016, Sport Conditioning and Performance, Southern Utah University


· CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association), 2009

· USAW (United States of America – Olympic Weightlifting – Performance Coach), 2012

· CCFT (Certified CrossFit Trainer, better known as CrossFit Level Three), 2017

· CFL1 (CrossFit Level One), 2012

· USATF (United States Track & Field Certified Coach, Level 1), 2009 (expired)


· Coaching Athletes since 2008

· Online Coaching since 2011

· Over 10,000 total lifetime coaching & training hours

· Over 3,000 hours of Olympic Weightlifting coaching

· Over 3,000 hours of Division I coaching experience

· 6 Years as a full-time CrossFit trainer

· 3 Seasons as a rugby strength and conditioning coach and assistant coach

· 3 Seasons as a full-time volunteer and eventually paid assistant Track and Field Coach for the Illini at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. I worked under two amazing coaches and soaked up as much from them as I could in our short time together


Types of Athletes Coached

· People who want to look good naked

· People who want to get healthy

· CEO’s

· Special Ops / SWAT / Police Officers / Fire Fighters

· Division I Track and Field – sprints, hurdles, jumps, throws, and multi-event athletes

· Division II Rugby – all positions

· High School Athletes and younger (Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Golf, Rugby, Track and Field)

· Runners – Cross-Country athletes, 5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon

· Ultrarunners – I have coached a handful of ultrarunners. I enjoy the challenge!

· Obstacle Course Racers – Spartan athletes, mostly

· Cyclocross – if you haven’t heard of this sport, google it. Very cardiovascularly, metabolically, and technically demanding!

· Olympic Weightlifters

· Strongwomen

· Smokejumpers / Wildland Firefighters

· Muay Thai

Tasks that Fritz Teaches

· Power training to improve jumping, sprinting, throwing, striking, changing direction, tackling, etc.

· Strength training to improve all physiological outputs

· Speed training – all of his track and field coaching experience supports time-tested speed training technique, methods, and progressions

· Endurance - Fritz's success coaching ultrarunners and wildland firefighters has bolstered his expertise preparing athletes for physiologically and psychologically extreme tasks

· Mobility & Stability - Fritz has a large bank of mobility and stability exercises that he injects into everyone's programming to support consistent improvements in major tasks 

· Consistent Fat Loss

· Muscle Growth

· Nutrition / Sleep Hygiene / Managing Relationships to Destress

Fritz’s Competitive Experience

· Track and Field

   - Decathlon, best finish 29th in United States in 2007, Top 250 in the world

   - Division III Decathlon National Champion, 7199 points (2007)

   - Division III Long Jump National Champion, 7.18 meters (2008

· Football (Collegiate, Division III)

· Strongman (qualified for nationals, 2017)

· CrossFit

· Rugby (club)

· Olympic Weightlifting

· Basketball (high school)

· Baseball (high school)

· Golf (high school)

· Martial Arts (JKD, Issn Ryu, Muay Thai)

About Fritz 

Fritz lives in the beautiful city of San Diego with his lovely wife Jessica and their rescue cat, Snowflake. In his free time, Fritz loves cooking, showing off, hiking, cheese, performing unique feats of strength, exploring the food and breweries in San Diego, travelling to new places on a budget, dark chocolate, and reading detective novels by candlelight before bed. His favorite exercise is the power clean. SEND IT!!!

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