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Exercise: Less is More?

Imagine that you are a very physical person. Perhaps you love training for many hours each week, and sometimes a few hours a day. Perhaps you believe that the more you train, the more calories you will burn, and the more body fat that you will lose. More is better. When in doubt, push further. Are you outrunning something? Or maybe you just love it. Maybe both. And then some other things, of course, could influence your desire to over-exercise.

Are you still struggling to see that six pack come through? Do you get sick often? How is your mood? Sleep? Digestion? Energy?

When there is an imbalance between your energy expenditure (exercise) and your body’s ability to repair and recover from your chosen activities, you will always feel like you’re never doing enough. The answer rests in rest. Ensure your goals are crystal clear, train specifically for those goals, and don’t get caught up in the rat race. You will recover more fully if you perform quality work, even for endurance events. Everything you do matters. Live like it.

To prove a point, this is my shortest article on my blog. Less is more. Find YOUR balance and you will find your results.

Thanks for reading!


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